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AVAX Projects’ main goal is to assist with extending the life of your company’s assets, by providing Coating inspection and analysis. Whether your assets include construction sites, factories, laboratories, shipyards, mines, chemical storage facilities or power plants, you need to be certain that the coating is providing full protection to your facility.

A protective coating system is not only applied to the company’s assets for aesthetic reasons, but to assist in prolonging the life of the asset.

When a coating fails, it can sometimes cause loss of production of the assets, which in turn can become a very expensive, lengthy repair. Our coating inspection and failure analysis helps ensure the coating of lining is applied to specification for the continued protection of your company’s assets.

AVAX Projects will ensure that all coating systems, that have been or will be applied, to your specific industry, is fully protecting your site. We work closely with all the coating manufacturers, providing quality control inspections to increase the quality of coating work.

We provide in-depth reporting with the assistance of the latest testing, inspection and monitoring equipment available on the market.

We provide ad-hock inspections when needed, or we can provide full time NACE qualified coating inspectors.

The typical duties of a full time inspector would consist of the following: (Subject to change)

  • Compiling all site quality document control for the specific project.

  • Monitoring all the Coating application being undertaken – from surface cleanliness to final inspection and testing

  • Ensuring that non-conformances are reported, following up with the implementation of mitigation actions and associated inspections

  • Issuing weekly and Final Inspection Reports

  • Signing Quality Control plans as the work progresses.

  • Ensuring that the required traceability and inspection logs are maintained

AVAX projects is a Level 2 BEE contributor

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