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Our coating inspection and failure analysis services include but not limited:

  • Comprehensive inspection of coating work, concrete renovation and thermal insulation.

  • Testing of coating thickness, hardness, adhesion, curing etc.

  • Failure Analysis of all coating’s and linings – Full investigation of the causes of any failures to help you prevent future occurrences. If needed, further analysis will be conducted by laboratories.

  • Technical specifications and Project specification writing

  • General technical assistance

  • Testing for conformity, compatibility and performance

  • Third party verification inspection services

  • Corrosion Surveying and assessment

  • Project Management (Industrial Coatings and Cathodic Protection)

  • Plant condition assessment

  • Contractor Quality Audits

Below are the services offered and a brief synopsis of what each entails :

Documentation Compilation

Compiling the necessary quality documents, from specifications given, to form a data pack which includes, but not limited to : QCP’s, Method Statements, and Safe Work Procedures etc.

Inspection Of All Coatings

When a contract calls for a Quality Control of applications, all the necessary testing will be undertaken – as specified i.e. Blast profile readings, DFT readings, Moisture readings, Wet sponge readings, etc

Inspection of Thermal Insulation

Thickness, type of insulation, securement and the correct use of insulation – including corrosion assessment prior to the application of the Insulation.

Testing of Various Pipe Wrapping Systems

All pipe wrapping applications can be inspected and tested.

Failure Analysis

When a Corrosion system has not performed to the recommended specification of use, failure analysis can be undertaken to determine the root cause. Samples may be sent for laboratory testing. This is vital for claim purposes.

Guarantee Support

Inspection, testing and reports will be undertaken to assist with the applicator and coating suppliers guarantee. Work will be inspected and confirmed that it meets the guarantee parameters.

Surveys & Specification

Surveys may be undertaken on any industry – new build or fully operational, to determine the critical corrosion areas. Generic coating solution will be issued. Existing specifications can be updated to suit the current plant conditions, application limitations and operating parameters.

Project Management

All aspects of Project Management are undertaken by AVAX Projects.  AVAX will undertake all aspects of Project Management, from sourcing the materials required, necessary skill / resources to managing contractors on site, to ensure a successful project.
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